Septic Tank Problems Resolved with Septic Remediation

Though anaerobic septic tanks are a tried and true method of processing household waste water, it’s a matter of time until septic tank problems occur. On average, septic tanks fail after 15 years. There are two types of causes for this: mechanical failures such as pipe collapse or blockages, or a failure of anaerobic waste processing within the tank caused by inadequacies of the process itself. The Septic System Saver™ Remediation System is designed to correct this second type of failure.

Why do anaerobic septic tanks always eventually fail? The problem originates in the drainfield where the tank discharges its partially treated waste water. Over time, a black layer of sludge called the biomat forms in the drain field that is a natural byproduct of anaerobic bacteria at work in the septic system. This biomat eventually seals the ground and sidewalls of the drain field, preventing it from absorbing water from the septic tank. The results include sluggish drains and toilets in the house, and tank overflows and foul odor and other septic tank problems.

The Septic System Saver™ patented controlled septic aerator product alleviates this problem by introducing oxygen to the septic system, allowing aerobic bacteria to replace anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria consume 20 to 30 times more waste than anaerobic bacteria. They also break down the biomat, opening the ground and sidewalls of the drainfield, usually in a matter of weeks, allowing drainage and relieving backups in the tank and up the line resolving all septic tank problems. Positive results begin to show almost immediately: Odors dissipate and pooling water on the surface begins to disappear.


The Aero-Stream Remediation System works in virtually any type of septic system and distribution component, and saves thousands of dollars over a system replacement and it requires no unsightly and inconvenient excavation of your yard. It is by far the most economical and effective solution available for failure of septic tanks.

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