Aerobic Septic System => No Septic Tank Problems

Most septic tank problems are caused by a sludge like substance called the biomat. It is composed of anerobic bacteria. Anerobic bacteria lives in the absence of oxygen. Septic tanks back up, covering the yard with sewage, making toilets run slow and potentially costing thousands of dollars of damage.

Septic System Saver™ creates a septic system that introduces oxygen, thus creating an aerobic septic system. The introduction of oxygen allows aerobic bacteria to go to work, and they do. They attack the biomat the way a starving dog attacks a juicy piece of meat. The organic materials inside the septic system(s) are broken down faster, and the surrounding soil and leach field are able absorb water properly again solving all septic tank problems.

Instead of costing thousands, the Septic System Saver™ can be installed by the homeowner as a DIY project. It costs less than $1,200, and comes with unlimited technical support and a one to two year warranty, depending on the system. This is the most economical way to solve all septic tank problems.

The system includes the Septic System Saver™ unit with a six- foot power cord. If a 120 volt outdoor power outlet is not available, an outdoor rated extension cord may be used until one is installed. The unit is quiet and uses very little power.

The diffuser is made from highly porous materials that transfer oxygen efficiently. One or more may be included depending on the septic system(s) requirements. They are connected to the unit with an air line.

The bio- brush is a unique, eco- friendly component. It is made from a natural fiber. This brush provides a place for the aerobic bacteria to grow. The brush lasts up to twenty years in the septic system, so replacement is not necessary.

The Septic System Saver™ aerobic septic system eliminates odors, overflowing and sluggish septic systems. Install one before a problem starts to eliminate any potential septic tank problems.

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The AEROBIC ACTION of Septic System Saver® is used worldwide to restore and maintain peak performance of any septic system in any soil type.