Extending the Life and Avoiding Septic Tank Problems

Anyone that has home using a septic tank system should be aware of warning signs that could indicate septic tank problems. More importantly, steps to help regularly maintain the system should be taken in order to discourage these septic tank problems from arising. Septic tank problems can be costly and any preventive measures done can only help reduce these costs.

Warning signs of septic tank problems can be found inside or outside of the property. Plumbing fixtures that are clogging, draining slowly or gurgling could be due to septic tank problems. Bad odors and/or standing water on the ground outside are also possible indicators of a troubled septic tank.

Any evidence of these signs can be very disheartening since the cost to repair, pump out or replace a septic system can be expensive. Should it ever occur, a quick decision would be necessary on how to proceed. Knowing what alternatives are available and the cost that may be involved should be done before a septic tank issue occurs.

Pumping out a septic tank is costly, but to excavate and replace one is considerably more. Most properties use the traditional anaerobic septic tank. A newer type of septic system available in some areas is the aerobic septic tank. Because this tank uses a mechanism that injects air (oxygen) into the tank, it accelerates the treatment process of waste. This process can extend the life of the septic tank and drain fields, as well as reduce the pollution of groundwater. However, these aerobic septic systems can be more expensive to install.

As a preventative solution or to restore a failing septic system, an ideal solution would be to convert a traditional septic tank into an aerobic septic tank. Doing so would prolong the life of the septic system and speed up the waste process eliminating the cost of replacing the septic tank.

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