Septic system do’s and don’ts

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Septic System – The Do’s and Don’ts

Water saving toilet Septic SaverUnfortunately your septic system did not come with an instruction manual. Below are some simple steps and precautions to take to get the longest possible life from your septic system.

  • Do not add bacterial additives to your septic system as they have not been proven to be effective.
  • Continue to operate the Septic System Saver® as prescribed. Just because your septic system performance has improved dramatically, do not assume the problem is completely fixed!
  • Depending on the degree of deterioration of the drain field, it may be necessary to have your septic tank or cesspool pumped during the early stages of the recovery process until enough recovery has been done to handle daily flow rates.
  • Repair leaking fixtures: A leaking faucet or flapper valve in the toilet can flood your septic system with hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water per day.
  • Do not use flush activated toilet bowl tablets or cleaners as these products contain high amounts of chlorine bleach that kills the bacteria in the septic system.
  • Install an approved effluent filter in the outlet pipe of the septic tank, if possible.
  • Install water conserving fixtures e.g. shower heads, faucets, and toilets.
  • Install lint traps or filters on clothes washing equipment.
  • Implement a water conservation plan to be used during and after the septic system recovery process.
  • Education with regards to preferred household chemicals. Some chemicals can upset the delicate biological bacteria action of the septic system. Others can clog the septic system.
  • Minimize the amount of wastes that are washed down the kitchen drain.
  • Use the garbage can for items such as caustic soda, acids, copper sulfate, chemical cleaners, paint thinner, latex or oil based paint, solvents, waxes, polishes, pesticides, poisons, fuels, motor oil, hazardous wastes, filter tip cigarettes, sanitary napkins, all feminine products, paper towels, rags, plastic objects or disposable diapers. All of these items cannot or are very difficult for the bacteria to break down.
  • Discharge your water softener and iron filter to another suitable location per your local codes and ordinances.
  • Route your downspouts away from the drainfield, seepage pit or drywell.
  • Do not plant trees or shrubs above the drain field, seepage pit or drywell. The roots of the plantings will grow into the drainfield, seepage pit or drywell.
  • Keep heavy vehicles off of the drain field, seepage pit or drywell. The heavy vehicles not only compact the soils but also can crush the perforated laterals of the absorption component. The compacted soil is less permeable than loose soil.
  • Do not dump recreational vehicle (RV) holding tank waste into your septic system. This produces a large surge of sewage to the system and will most likely force untreated effluent out of the septic tank into the distribution component. Also, most RV owners use some type of odor control chemicals. These are usually blue liquids or tablets. These odor control chemicals are disinfectants to kill the odor causing anaerobic bacteria in the waste. When the disinfected waste is dumped into the septic tank it kills the bacteria in the system.
  • Exercise patience. Your septic system developed problems over many years and it will take time to reverse and eliminate the effects of the anaerobic process.

The Benefit of the Septic System Saver®

The Septic System Saver® will convert your septic system to a highly efficient aerobic environment using controlled aeration. We will reverse the natural aging of your septic system, allowing to function as it did when it was first installed. Easy to install in an hour or less with no need to dig up your yard. You’ll save thousands of dollars!

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