Controlled Septic Aerator = Septic Remediation

Proper maintenance of an anaerobic septic system is often overlooked until slow and gradual signs of a problem begin to surface. What goes on underground within the system is hard to see and is often not understood. Neglecting the warning signs of a problem may result in the need to replace the drain field at a cost that can run between $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the severity of the problem. This problem can be resolved or better yet prevented with the Septic System Saver® controlled septic aerator.

It is important to bear in mind that all the waste material from bathrooms, kitchen, sinks and laundry is deposited into the septic tank for treatment. As waste water enters the tank, the speed of water flow is reduced. As a result, heavier solids to settle to the bottom while lighter materials such as fats and grease form a film at the top.

Within the drain field and over time, the accumulation of solids on the bottom forms a layer of sludge called a biomat (biological material), which is the home of billions of anaerobic organisms. This layer of sludge eventually covers the bottom and the inner walls of the field, gradually clogging the soil that surrounds the drain field. The result is that oxygen is greatly reduced and as a consequence the percentage of beneficial aerobic bacteria which require oxygen to survive, is also reduced.

The decrease in aerobic bacteria has a huge negative impact on the efficiency of the system. Under these conditions only 30% to 40% of the effluent is treated in the septic tank while the drain field ends up doing 60% to 70% of the work. In this scenario the most efficient septic tank remediation is to increase the percentage of the highly efficient aerobic bacteria through use of a controlled septic aerator. In doing so, the drain field does only 10% or less of the work of cleaning the water while the septic tank performs 90% or more.

Municipal waste water treatment facilities rely on the principle of a controlled septic aerator system to maximize the efficiency of treating incoming affluent. The same concept is equally applicable to residential systems where it reduces the percentage of untreated organic content in the septic tank by 90% or more.

Septic System Saver® controlled septic aerator offers a patented aerobic septic conversion system that is field proven, and is highly efficient in the remediation of a failed or failing system. Septic System Saver® can save you thousands of dollars in costs of replacing drain fields not to mention the inconvenience that such a project brings to the household.

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