Septic System Saver Solves Your Septic Problems

A septic tank and its drain field function in largely anaerobic environments. This means that there is little to no oxygen available inside the septic tank. This environment prohibits the growth of the aerobic bacteria which are best suited to consume waste materials inside the septic tank. This is one of the reasons that a septic tank will eventually back up and cause septic problems. Another reason for clogging is the growth of black layer of sludge beneath and along the drain field outside the septic tank. A septic tank cannot properly discharge into its drain field due to the presence of this sludge, which is known as biomat.

When a septic tank becomes clogged in this way, a typical septic-service will charge thousands of dollars to repair the drain field. Doing this requires excavation and sometimes irreparable damage to landscaping designs that were in place over the drain field. When they are done, the new drain field will go quickly back to creating a new biomat and clogging later on causing more septic problems.

Septic System Saver®  has developed a new process for cleaning septic tanks and their drain fields. This innovative process introduces oxygen into the septic system. The oxygen permits aerobic bacteria to grow and thrive. They proceed to consume a lot of the waste material that is flowing out into the drain field and causing the growth of the biomat, which is the cause of most septic problems. Soon, the biomat already present begins to shrink and, eventually, it disappears eliminating your septic problems. Septic System Saver®  does this without digging up your septic tank or altering your landscape in any way.

The Septic System Saver® process costs less than $1,200, which is far less than the usual repairs for a drain field cost. This inexpensive method also removes the odor sometimes associated with septic systems because the effluent will be much cleaner than before.

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