The Septic System Saver Solution For Your Septic System Problems

A septic system is an anaerobic environment. The anaerobic environment is the major cause of septic system problems. This means that there is very little oxygen available inside the system, particularly in the drain field. This lack of oxygen encourages the growth of biomat, a black layer of sludge that prohibits the drain field from functioning properly. This biomat grows underneath and along the sides of the drain field, slowly choking it and preventing the septic tank from discharging effluent properly.

Septic System Saver® has invented a simple solution for septic system problems that costs much less than having someone dig up your drain field and ruin your landscaping. The Septic System Saver® process introduces a steady supply of oxygen into the septic system. This allows aerobic bacteria to grow and thrive in this environment. These aerobic bacteria begin to consume organic material found in the septic tank. This changes the nature of the effluent which the septic tank discharges in to the drain field. The biomat, starved for this organic material, begins to shrink and will eventually disappear resolving your septic system problems. The cleaner effluent drains properly into the drain field and is absorbed by the soil.

The result is obvious after a few weeks. The drain field functions as if it were brand new. Your septic system problems are resolved.All this is accomplished without any excavation and landscaping is left untouched. The installation is easy. It involves the installation of an airline through your septic tank’s clean out cover and the attachment of a small Septic System Saver® unit. This unit begins to immediately introduce oxygen into your septic system and convert the environment into one which hungry, aerobic bacteria can flourish.

The Septic System Saver® solution for your septic system does not have to be repeated every few years like a typical system replacement. This inexpensive method will actually extend the normal life of your drain field by many years. The cleaner effluent will also eliminate the odor that is sometimes noted over a septic system drain field. Your septic system problems are resolved once and for all!

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