Septic System Saver Septic Tank Problems Solution

Septic tanks are a marvel of old fashioned engineering and are much needed for those that live in rural areas. However, old system designs can have many septic tank problems if not properly maintained, causing you hundred of dollars in costly repairs. Using a product like Septic System Saver® can help combat many of your septic system problems.

Anaerobic bacteria work without oxygen. This bacteria works by breaking down the solid waste matter found in your septic system and allowing water and liquid matter to flow out into the drain field. Without this bacteria, the solid waste matter will eventually clog your septic system, causing a back flow in your toilets and emitting a foul odor. The problem with today’s septic systems is that many household cleaning products and laundry detergents contain antibacterial agents. When these products are introduced into the septic system, it will kill the anaerobic bacteria and begin septic tank problems.

Aerobic bacteria is bacteria that can only live in the presence of oxygen. Aerobic bacteria are better than anaerobic bacteria because they can consume as much a 20 times more solid waste matter. Although they may also be susceptible to the same antibacterial agents introduced in the septic system, having a system like Septic System Saver® can help combat the problem.

Septic System Saver’s® patented system works to introduce an abundance of oxygen into the septic system to allow the rapid growth of aerobic bacteria. This bacteria growing method, combined with aerobic bacteria’s ability to consume more solid waste matter than anaerobic bacteria, works to combat some of the most common septic tank problems. The results mean no more toilet backups and foul odor coming from the yard.

Using a product like Septic System Saver® can prevent septic system backups and save you hundreds of dollars in septic system repairs. It works great to extend the life of your septic system and will pay for itself over time. For real solutions to your septic tank problems, choose Septic System Saver® septic system restoration product.

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