Septic Problems Affecting Septic Tanks and Septic Systems

Remote locations that have no direct access to the main sewerage system, use septic tanks and septic systems for waste disposal. If your septic tank or system were to fail, it would cause severe environmental and health hazards within the vicinity. Therefore, it is imperative that you take good care of your septic system, and ensure proper usage, in order to avoid the common septic problems that may lead to failure.

The Most Common Septic Problems

There are 3 major septic problems that are experienced with septic tanks and systems, and are as a result of improper use or lack of maintenance. These are overloading, clogging of drains, and leakages.

Overloading: Excessive drainage of water and dumping of food particles into the septic system causes the system to fill up much quicker. To prevent this, make sure that food particles are disposed of using other methods such as garbage cans or compost; whereas water is left to drain on the surface, or diverted to drain channels.

Clogging: This occurs as a result of foreign particles getting stuck within the veins, ducts and drains of the septic system. Therefore, you should avoid dumping solid waste into your system, since it will get stuck within the drains.

Leakages: The septic veins, ducts and drains are all interconnected via a series of joints. These joints tend to wear off naturally, or due to the corrosive nature of chemicals such as pesticides and paints that might be dumped into the septic system. Therefore, such chemicals must be avoided at all costs, and appropriate disposal mechanisms sought.

The above septic problems can easily be detected, since they often result in a strong stench within your home. Once you suspect that there is a septic problem, it is advisable that you get a qualified plumber to take a look, and rectify any faults within the shortest time possible. Finally, it is mandatory that routine maintenance checks and repairs are conducted, in order to keep your septic tanks and system efficient. To learn more about septic system maintenance and the restoration of septic tanks and their septic problems visit the website.

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