How to Avoid Common Septic Tank Problems

Many septic tank problems can be traced to poor maintenance or abuse of the septic system. Septic tanks that are abused and improperly maintained won’t function correctly and can damage the environment. The resulting repairs can be expensive to fix.

You should ensure that you have a septic tank system that is large enough to handle your needs. A septic tank that is too small will develop an overload of sludge. This will definitely be a source of septic problems. You should also determine whether your system is anaerobic or aerobic. Anaerobic systems are an oxygen-free process that can produce a high level of biomat. Over time, this layer of black sludge can inhibit the cesspool or drain field’s ability to accept waste water. An aerobic septic systems promote the growth of bacteria that reduces the amount of nutrients found in discharged black water. This inhibits the growth of biomat and makes the cesspool or drain field more efficient.

Once you have the right system for your home, you need to properly maintain it to avoid septic tank problems. You should perform an annual inspection of the septic tank. Measure the amount of sludge inside the septic tank. You should check for any septic tank leaks. Bright colored vegetation near the septic tank can indicate a leak. Next inspect the drain field. If you notice that water is ponding, this may indicate that the drain field can’t absorb the waste water flowing into it. This is a serious septic problem. Pumping out the septic tank may be required to give you temporary relief.

As with most problems, the best fix is to avoid them in the first place. Don’t throw items down the drain unnecessarily. Some examples of especially problematic items are sanitary napkins and artificial waste. Garbage disposals can also add a significant amount of waste to the septic system so they should be avoided. Coffee grounds, fats and grease should not be put down the drain as they can cause septic tank problems. Practicing water conservation and reducing the amount of water that flows into the  septic system will also prolong the life of the septic tank.

The installation of the Septic System Saver® will prevent septic system failure and resolve your septic tank problems. It is the best way to keep your septic system problem free!

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