Septic System Saver®


Model Number: S3-100
UPC: 793573194879
U.S. MSRP: $927


  • Good Treatment, Fast Restoration
  • Treatment capacity: 4 people Max.
  • 6′ power cord
  • 20′ air line
  • 100 watts of power (1.0 amp, $5-$7 per month to operate)
  • 1 Meter of Bio-Brush™
  • Quiet operation – 39 dB
  • Warranty – 12 months

Septic System Restorer and Maintainer:

  • Eliminates foul septic odor and pooling liquid in septic drainfield, prevent backflow and back ups.
  • Fixes sluggish drains, gurgling pipes and toilets that are slow to flush.
  • Eliminates the need to replace your septic system.
  • Easily installs in an hour or less with simple hand tools.
  • Works on all system types: drainfields, drywell/seepage pits, mounds, sand filters, chambers, and cesspools.
  • Covered by US Patents: 7,718,067 7,264,727 7,429,320 7,468,135 – other patents pending
Design and assembled in USA
BBB septic system saver
UL Listing septic system saver
16 inch septic riser

Septic Tank Riser Kits

Bring your septic cover to the surface so it is easy to service the tank. A septic tank riser kit makes installation of Septic System Saver even easier!

Septic safe cleaners and additives

Septic Safe Cleaners

Our all-new septic safe cleaners and environmentally friendly cleaners are 100% Made in U.S.A. These environmentally safe cleaners are oxygen based and enhances the Septic System Saver aerobic remediation process.

The AEROBIC ACTION of Septic System Saver® is used worldwide to restore and maintain peak performance of any septic system in any soil type.